Beyond the Bedroom | Closet Trends

Closets aren’t just those places you closet the door and hide stuff in anymore. Closets have become showpieces where beautiful chandeliers hang and upholstered pieces of furniture sit. Closets have gone from storage spaces to dressing rooms! So today we’re breaking down what the newest closet features are and how these changes and transforming the closet standard forever!

For starters, the typical closet system isn’t just a plain white or stained wood material. Closet systems are being custom made with mixed materials. Or the closet is outfitted like a kitchen with a perimeter shelving system that is one color and a contrast island in a different color wood — some painted, some stained. One of the big goals with closets now is to make them look like the clothes are in actual pieces of furniture (like a wardrobe) instead of just being stored.


Ambient lighting is also turning into a big closet trend. Not only are people installing gorgeous focal chandeliers in their closet for overall lighting, they’re installing under-cabinet lighting, rope lighting, back lighting, cove lighting and all sorts of other specialty lighting that warms up the closet and highlights the clothing, purse, or shoe display.


The introduction of materials like glass and iron has also become popular. Homeowners may have a walk-in closet with each wall built-out as a case with glass doors. Again, just another way to add layers and put personal items on display.


Bringing in upholstered pieces of furniture is also key to transforming a closet into a dressing room. It’s always nice to have a place to sit to put on your shoes but instead of just a little bench or ottoman, why not bring in a big comfy chair that can also double and a place to lay out your clothes or set your bag down. Regardless, these pieces of furniture are what contributes to making a space feel more inviting and comfortable instead of being purely functional.


Everybody loves a gorgeous closet and it makes sense that they’re upping their game. First the kitchen went from a cooking space to a gather space and now the closet is basically a lounge space!

Design Trends | Decorating Trends for 2019

It’s hard to believe we’re already almost a month into 2019. It’s a new year and if you’re like us, you’re wanting a fresh look for your home. We know we’ve all been bitten by the redecorating bug hard— most of us have started projects at our own homes in addition to working on our projects. Usually we’re like the shoemaker’s kids and neglect our own homes to focus on our clients but we’re all ready for a little change. Anyway, all that to say, if you’ve been bitten too and you’re looking for some fresh ways to update your home, there are some trends you can use as guidelines to make sure your updates last.

The first item is something we’ve been doing for years so it’s not technically new, but we do like that it will be a focus of 2019. Texture! Layers and layers of different textures will be hot this year. Most people think of fabrics when they think of textures but we’re actually talking about casegoods too. Casegoods with inlay of shell, bone, and mirror will be popular along with casegoods wrapped in the shagreen (kind of a leathery texture). What out nightstands, dressers, and consoles! Texture is coming for you!


Emerald green is going to be a hot color this year. That rich, dark, earthy green. It’s going to be big and it’s going to be good! More and more upholstered pieces will be available in emerald (most in a velvet, making it even more lush) so don’t be scared to incorporate a little bit of it throughout!


Speaking of upholstery— more and more furniture will come with a curved back and sides which is kindof a big deal. For SO long, the track arm, square back look has been what people want so moving away from that to the curved back is a major shift. Of course, the track arm, square back pieces will always be classics but don’t be surprised at the curved back options available to you!


Natural wood tones were becoming popular in bathroom and kitchen cabinets in 2018 but there will be more and more of them in 2019. This earthy look that keeps things a little more natural is on its way up. It seems like we’ve gone through all the painted colors for kitchens and bathrooms so why not go back to the wood look just in a lighter stain?!


Finally, a focus on windows will be big this year. People are beginning to see windows as the architectural details they can be and are bringing attention to them by painting out the trim in a contrast color like black or even replacing them altogether with the steel framed windows.


We’re excited about 2019 and what it has in store! Be sure to keep stopping in to see what we’re up to!

Design Trend Forecast | Color Talk

Can you believe it’s already November?! This year has flown by, as always. It’s crazy to think we’re just a few short weeks away from Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be here before you know it.

In preparation for the new year, which is really right around the corner, we’re looking at some of the design trends that are on the horizon for 2019. Color trend predictions are always a big discussion at the end of the year because there’s are different venues that affect the color trends. There are fashion color trends and interior color trends which oftentimes point in different directions but should both be considered together when evaluating color. The reason for this is that even though the runways and paint companies may say different things, the consumer also has a voice. And many times, the colors that consumers are drawn to for their clothing are the same colors that consumers are drawn to for their homes.

Right now, the big discussion is to color maximalism. The interior paint companies are predicting that 2019 will bring us walls covered in bright colors along with painted ceilings all behind layers of brightly colored furnishings and softgoods. This is the direction they’re talking…

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 12.40.09 PM.png

We’re not sure about how realistic such a giant color jump would be. While this sort of “color maximalism” is fun for an area or two in your home, it’s a lot. And coming off of the clean, bright white, minimalism that’s been so popular over the past few years, we kindof think that addition of bright color into interior spaces will be a little more gradual.


To us, there are certain rooms that seem more appropriate for bright colors and patterns. The powder bath is always a yes to these items because all the rules pretty much go out the window for the powder bath. It’s a small space which would lead some to believe it should be painted bright colors and have minimal patterns to help it feel larger but in reality, the bold wallpapers and bright colors in this room make it feel special, like a little jewel box.


Loft areas, mudrooms, and family rooms are also areas where layering bright colors and patterns can be fun and makes sense. These space are more casual and meant for family gatherings so color is a lively way to go. Bedrooms on the other had, especially master bedrooms, should really be relaxing and more serene. Kids bedrooms would be the exception (even though they need their own dose of calm too).

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 1.09.48 PM.png

The most important thing is that your home is an accurate reflection of yourself. Bring in bright colors how you like them — big commitment or small commitment. It’s something you’ll have to look at so make sure you are comfortable with it.

Think Big! | Design Inspo

The war on scale is an ongoing one for an interior designer.  While appropriate scale affects the overall visual appeal of a design...what is considered appropriate scale can change depending on design trends.  Right now, the design trend is large scale.  For a while it was mainly art that we saw in a larger scale, but it seems that 2018 is the year of everything going big in the design world.

Large scale lighting is has been close behind oversized art in the design world so this one isn't a super new concept but we love that it's officially official.  We consider lighting to be art in itself so a giant piece of art hanging from your ceiling is pretty sweet.  Lighting also balances the room just like an area rug grounds the room, so a large, beautiful light hanging in the center of the space can really tie everything together and make it feel complete.


Oversized patterns and wallpaper prints is so fun for us.  Not only are people ok with and even excited about wallpaper, they're getting bold with their selections and going for big, graphic patterns.  The interesting thing about wallpaper and large patterns is that they look best in small powder bathrooms and bedrooms.  Regardless, a large scale pattern is actually less busy because there are fewer lines that draw the eye.  So large scale wallpaper patterns are really a win-win for everyone.


While mirrors have been a big thing in decorating for a while because of their ability to open up a room, large mirrors are really a little bit newer concept for interiors.  It wasn't that mirrors were small before, it's that they were scaled and balanced with the item below them.  The cool thing about large mirrors becoming popular is that they are just larger reflections for the space and open up a room even more.  In the same vein, even though large mirrors are becoming popular, the trend in mirror frames is to become thinner and less distracting so it's really all about the mirror itself.


Expansive islands are also becoming more and more prevalent.  The open-feel of a kitchen with a large island is highly sought after because kitchens are used as a gathering space.  And instead of eating at a large, formal dining room table, homeowners are hosting meals at a large island, keeping things more casual.  


Finally, manufacturers are finding new ways to make floor tiles and wood planks bigger and bigger.  Massive flooring is growing in options because people don't want to see seams.  Large pieces of tile make for less grout lines and longer planks of wood make for less lines so it's cleaner and more fluid looking.  This trend is still developing as manufacturers create newer, larger product but the demand continues to grow.


Design Trends | 2018

2018 is here!  With every new year, new design trends begin to evolve.  It usually takes about a year for the trend to fully take hold and then another year to grow.  Retailers have to get on board with manufacturing the product and there's a turnaround time for it to make it into stores.  So even though these items we're about to list are design trends for 2018, don't expect to be bombarded with them.  Just expect to notice them, little by little, and they make their way into your hearts.

Finishes are always fluctuating in design.  We went from brushed silver to chrome to iron, then gold and brass, and now matte black is on deck.  Black hardware and light fixtures will create a dramatic contrast off of white walls and light colored finishes so this design trend is sure to make a statement.


As far as kitchen colors go, all white kitchens are still holding their own in 2018.  However, you may see some pops of colors within the white.  In an attempt to warm things up and mix things up, many people will mix in some contrasting cabinetry making their kitchen a little more unique.


Tile continues to evolve and can pretty much be used in any and all applications now.  So expect to see it in more patterned applications covering full walls and bringing fun color to backsplashes.  It's more permanent than wallpaper but also more durable.


Side note: the new subway tile for 2018 is expected to be the fish scale pattern tile so plan to see more to of that this year too!

In bathrooms, homeowners are moving away from the pesky shower curtain and moving toward a more practical tub/shower combo.  If you're not ready to get rid of your tub but still want a nice-looking shower with some fun tile, you may be one of the people who install a glass insert in their tub/shower combo.  It doesn't provide much privacy but it does allow lots of natural light in.


We love that this next one is trending in 2018 because it's our jam!  Accent wall wall details will be hot in 2018.  While some of them may be shiplap many others will be other styles of wood paneling that range in style from super contemporary to much more traditional.  This type of wall detail is great for making an impact while keeping costs down.


Expect the floral patterns to continue to expand and the all white era to continue to recede.  People are not afraid of adding some visual interest to their interiors.


Finally, you will see a lot of metal finish mixing in 2018.  While this trend started about the same time gold because popular, it will really grow next year.  Don't be stuck in the "everything has to match" world.  If you are, you're depriving yourself of all the depth mixing metals has to offer a design!  And 2018 would agree.


We are so excited about what 2018 has to offer!  It's going to be a beautiful year!

These trends are as reported here on Houzz.