Big Deal | Tiny Houses

Have you heard of the tiny house?  To be honest, this little gem of an idea crept up on us.  Tiny houses are quickly becoming a big deal and we have to admit, they're very intriguing.  Even though we're out of our recession and it would be a logical time for all things to go back to big, bigger, biggest, they're not.  It seems that Americans have learned to appreciate simplicity and minimalism when they had to and the idea is sticking around.  Thus, the tiny house!

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If you're wondering what a tiny house is (like we were when we first heard of it), it's literally a small house.  There isn't an exact square footage limit placed on something deemed a "tiny house" but it's usually around the 400 square foot ballpark.  It's a place where IKEA functionality rules and everything has a dual purpose.  People have decided to invest in tiny houses for a number of reasons.  For some, it's the cost.  They need a way to cut back financially so they've down-sized.  Smaller house = less electricity, less AC, less stuff!  It just costs less to maintain and since most are fairly new, they are absolutely more energy efficient!  For others, it's about leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the world.  A smaller house is not only a smaller cost but it doesn't impact the environment as much.

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While tiny houses are cute and fun, they do require sacrifices.  Especially for someone who may be used to living in triple or even quadruple the amount of space.  A tiny house means scaling back on all the stuff.  This statement is very simple but a lot of people like their stuff.  However, less space means less storage so it really makes sense to have less to store if you're going to live in a tiny house.  Otherwise, there's just clutter.  Aside from that, if you live in a tiny house, you may have to give up any large family or friendly gatherings you've hosted in the past.  Most tiny houses comfortably fit 2 people so having 10-15 people hanging out just isn't going to work.  And finally, get used to being outdoors.  As humans, we typically like to be able to roam a little and a tiny house could feel cramped at times.  However, the great outdoors can offer you a little more space to enjoy.  So, if you're thinking that the move to a tiny house is an idea you might entertain, consider the environment you live in.  I'm telling you right now, Florida would be a hard place to live in a tiny house simply because of the summer heat.

These spaces really are cool but they would be an adjustment for most.  It's important to consider your lifestyle or your lifestyle goals before investing.  Tiny houses are great for empty nesters however they may prove difficult for handicap accessibility.  They're also great for people who like to travel but don't gather too much on your travels--you won't have anywhere to store it!

What do you think about the tiny house trend?  We think the evolution of it all will be cool to watch, for sure!