Multi-Functional | GUEST ROOMS

Do you have a guest room?  Do you NEED a guest room?  Do you feel like your guest room is a waste of space or good be used better?  Today we're going to address all of those questions and more as we discuss ways the make your space--allocated for a guest room or not, work for you!

A lot of deciding what direction to move with your guest room goes into how you plan to use it.  Do you need more beds?  Do you want a small space for guests that can function in other ways?  Do you have too much guest room that's going to waste?  Once you answer that question, you can pick which type of guest space to start moving towards.

If you answered yes to the first question--do you need more beds?  We've got a couple of solutions for you. Sometimes guests travel together, sometimes they travel separately...and you may be in need of a space where two travels who've come to you separately can sleep.  If you've got funds to put into construction, it may be worth it to build a wall divider in your guest room so that your guests have privacy.  It doesn't have to involve splitting the room in half, but it may mean carving out another twin-sized sleeping area.  Of course, this all depends on the size and shape of your guest room, so consider the layout as well.  If the cost of construction is too much, try a room divider or screen--something that allows guests at least a small amount of privacy when they're sleeping so they don't feel like they're being watched!

If you're looking for more of a multi-fuctional space, Murphy beds are always a great option!  It does involve a little bit of work and cost to have the bed put in, but the convenience factor is well worth it!  Since Murphy beds are only taking up space when they're down, having one in a guest room allows a full room to use when guests aren't staying with you.  Not to mention it's easy clean-up after guests leave!  Another option that could actually work in both scenarios--you need more beds AND you'd like a multi-functional space--is the trundle bed.  Trundle beds can be used as day beds when guests aren't around and if you need a space for 2 guests to sleep, you have the option of converting the day bed into a guest bed and pulling out the trundle portion for another sleeping space!

When re-vamping your guest room, always try to create multiple smaller spaces than going big.  King & Queen size beds are nice for hotels, but if you need a multi-functional space, smaller sleeping areas like twin size beds are easier to work with!

Make your guest room feel cozy for your guests too, even if the room is for multi-purposes.  Use the existing architecture to create an interesting living space that guests will enjoy.  Consider how the guests will walk around the room too, though. Traffic pattern should always be a consideration in any space in your home.  Make sure the bed is placed in an area that doesn't blog doorways and allows guests ease of access to the bathroom or closet--other important areas!

Be sure to add the layers in your guest room too!  A guest room should be comfortable, not sterile feeling.  Of course, you don't want the room to be so comfortable that guests over-stay their welcome, but a nice guest room says a lot about you as a hostess.  Make sure guests at least have clean bedding--a couple toss pillows and a throw blanket would be nice too, lighting-lamp lighting at least, a place for luggage, a way to close the windows, fresh towels, and a trash can.  

If you live in Florida, your house may be the retreat in the winter for all of those friends and family members up north!  Take advantage of your space and create a great space that can be used now AND later.