Reasons Why | Sheers

Sheers used to represent your grandmother's house, right?  Just like wallpaper made you think of an old house, sheers made you feel the same way.  Just like everything make it's style cycle, sheers have done the same thing.  They used to be chintzy dust-collectors, but now they're versatile, light-filters that allow a soft natural light in to warm a space.  In the interior design world, we will continue to have the battle over sheers that we do over wallpaper, but for those of you reading this today, maybe we'll be able to convince you to be on our side for this fight.

Don't get us wrong, we still love a heavy, black-out lined, weighty drapery but sheers have their place too.  Sometime this is alone and other times it's with a heavy drapery.  For those of you on the fence about sheers, considering the following:

For starters, sheers space the design style spectrum.  They can work in a traditional setting, of course, but can also fit nicely into a modern/contemporary home, as well as something a little more transitional.  They're versatile and simple and clean which means they can be paired with any number of things to make them work....hardware, another heavy drape, or maybe just a well-styled room.

Window treatments and rugs are often the places that people choose to incorporate pattern.  If you or the homeowner wants to incorporate pattern in a big way somewhere else, a sheer drape is a great way to create a balance.  Yes, I know what you're thinking...sheers can be patterned too, but we're recommending the solid sheers today.  Beyond that, they filter the light in a way that immediately offers a serene, warm glow to any space.  Perfect for late afternoon and early evening when that sun can get hot beating through an open window.

We think sheers would work perfectly in a master bedroom.  They're soft and romantic and can offer a gauzy, dreamy feel that will make any master bedroom stylish yet expensive feeling.  We're also a big fan of sheers that are ceiling-mounted and create that hotel-look.  Sheers can be used in white or off-white, but also feel even more moody and romantic in a gray or charcoal.  They can also be matched to a light wall color to blend in with the wall and create more of a texture than a treatment.  And remember!  Sheers are also available in less flowy treatments like roman or roller shades.

What do you think?  Have you jump the sheer fence?  It's definitely a transition for some but we're telling you, it'll look good!  Sheers are a great option for homes with lots of light and homeowners without an interest in lots of heavy fabric too!  Do you fit into that category?!  If so, we hope we've been able to expand your window treatment horizons!