On Display | Kids Artwork

I've always been a lover of art but I've also been very selective about what gets put on display.  Too much art can feel very cluttery and busy if it's not displayed well and then it looses all impact it might have had.  However, when my son started his toddler class, and I was getting multiple art projects sent home each week, I realized that I might not be able to be as selective about what was displayed.  However, still not willing to sacrifice my walls to a cluttery mess, I've held on to his art waiting until I could figure out the best way to display it.  This post is a re-cap of a great article on Houzz that discusses some great ways to display your children's art in your home.  There are options for single, big-impact pieces as well as gallery-type displays for multiple pieces!  So pick which works best for the type and amount of art you have and run with it!

In the beginning it's hard because you want to keep every little piece of art they make since it's all so new.  It's still a novelty and you appreciate how each piece shows them learning and developing more in their skills.  However, as they get older, it can become burdensome because you're past the novelty phase but your child has some lofty expectations of what should be done with each piece they bring home (no matter how many).  So how do you meet their expectations for praise and save your walls?!  Try a rotating display where multiple pieces are "featured" until the new ones replace them---almost like a gallery.  This will allow your kids to feel like you're proud of their artwork and then about when they've forgotten about it, you can swap out the old for the new!

Go for the old staple--the wire and clip display.  This easy, inexpensive method using Ikea's Dignitet Wire Curtain Rod has been a go-to for moms for years.  Why?  Because it works!  It's clean and nondescript and does the job.  The wires come in multiple lengths so you can customize your display based on where it's going in your home.

Tie up the pieces by getting them bound...literally.  Instead of trying to find wall space for each piece (especially if you have multiple kids), consider having the artwork bound into a book.  Both a little flip book or a coffee table book could make fun additions to your home and are great conversation starters for guests.  It doesn't hurt that this method is also WAY more condensed.

If you don't have a lot of artwork from your kids but would like more to display, put your kids to work!  It's so fun to see how each child has a different process for creating artwork and of course the outcome is always very different too.  So commission them to create something you can display.  Whether you get a big blank canvas they can splatter paint all over or some white art paper that can be used as wrapping paper or a book cover, make the art functional so it works for you!