Re-Sale Re-vamp | The Kitchen

The market is doing so much better than it was a couple of years ago.  Houses are selling for decent prices.  Home values are increasing.  It's starting to become a seller's market again.  If you're looking to selling yours, know that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.  Kitchens especially make an impact on potential buyers because they're usually at the heart of the home.  The kitchen is a congregational area--so many things happen in a kitchen that it not only needs to be functional, it needs to be pretty!  So let's talk about what yours needs to look like in order to sell it!

There are big impact things and small impact things in a kitchen so you can prioritize what you do based on how big of an impact it will make.  Obviously the big impact items typically cost more money so you may have to just choose one to do if you're on a tight budget.

Big Impact Item #1: Cabinetry

There are a couple of different aspects of cabinets--door style and color.  The door style that's most popular and versatile is shaker.  A shaker style door is basically a flat front panel with a small raised border around the edge.  It consists of clean lines and is simple so it doesn't dictate the rest of the kitchen.  If you don't have shaker style doors and have it in the budget to get them, we say do it!  However, if you don't have it in the budget, you can always move on to aspect number 2, the color of the cabinets.  A kitchen that will sell well is a kitchen that feels bright and open.  The best color you can use to make this happen is white!  Long gone are the days of dark espresso cabinets feeling expensive and appealing.  A more casual, comfortable, light airy kitchen is what people want.  So if you can't change the style of the cabinets, at least go for the color.  In our opinion, it's the number one way to change the look of your kitchen!

Big Impact #2 Countertops

When buying a house, countertops matter.  Formica or laminate are pretty much a definite no to a seller because granite is so readily available.  Of course, granite isn't the most expensive option; marble and quartz are always options too.  But the main thing is to have something that's colors are on-trend and is durable.  The most durable option would be a solid surface like quartz but there are plenty of options as far as granite goes as well.

Small Impact #1 Hardware

Hardware is like the jewelry of the kitchen.  It's a small detail that can easily be swapped out by the buyer or seller, but if you have the money to do it as the seller, the buyer will appreciate your attention to detail.  Obviously, if you're selling, you don't want to put some super expensive hardware on your cabinets.  So go with something that's basic without being boring.  A clean, stainless bar pull would be our first suggestion.  While gold is definitely trending, a brushed nickel look isn't outdated and can be relatively inexpensive.  Just like the shaker style cabinet, it can also sort of flow with any style of furnishings or lighting that new buyer brings in.  This will appeal to them because it will make the kitchen feel finished and in their head, that's one less room they'll have to make changes too!

Small Impact #2 Faucets & Fixtures

Finally, faucets and fixtures.  This could actually be a small impact item OR a large impact item depending on how many faucets and fixtures your kitchen has.  But if there are one or two, the price shouldn't get too crazy.  Again, just like the cabinet hardware, go with something functional and neutral that will blend with other styles but still feels current and quality. A nice gooseneck faucet with a spray nozzle in brushed nickel would be nice and clean.  You may think oil-rubbed bronze looks more expensive and chrome is usually cheaper, but go with a good middle-ground--brushed nickel.

Of course lighting is always important too but each kitchen varies in the kind of lighting it has.  Some kitchen are all cans while others have pendants or even a large center light.  Don't forget lighting, for sure!  But shop smart.  A light fixture can be nice without being expensive, if you know how to pick and pair!