Fall is Here | Let's Decorate!

It's officially, fall is here and we couldn't be more pumped!  For us Floridians, fall means a break from soaring temperatures and some cool breezes to take the humidity down a notch.  But for everyone it means fall decorating!  This year, I was on top of my game and got my fall decorations out the very first week of October!  Score!  And if you're one of those people that had your fall decor out the last week of September... Don't.  Just don't even.

Anyway, as I was pulling out all of my oranges & browns & winter whites, I was thinking how I'd like to put a new twist on my fall decor--make it unique and different, not the same old stuff.  If you are in the same boat, this post could help!  Because today we're talking about cute and creative spins to put on your fall decor.

We're always fans of using nature as decoration, even when it's not fall, but that natural look really makes an impact when the weather gets cool and you want to bring some of the outdoors in.  (Isn't it funny how bringing the outdoors inside makes your home feel more cozy...  there's your ironic thought for the day!)  If you live in a climate where you will be having fires from now through the beginning of next year, make that wood work for you!  Stacking those cut logs in a basket, on an empty shelf or piling them in a niche can actually make a cool feature.  Or, maybe you live in a home with a fireplace but don't use it.  For the summer you may have candles filling it but switch things up for fall & winter and fill it with logs.

We carry a number of product lines and there are a lot of companies making money off of the tree branch.  You can buy a gold branch, a silver branch, you can get it table-top size or larger for hanging on a wall.  There's art with pictures of trees and even small accessories.  These are great and we love incorporating them into our designs but you can utilize the item you have in your own backyard to accessorize your house this fall.  Try taking a large branch from a tree and mounting it on the wall or using a bunch of twigs as a centerpiece in a glass vase.  These organic piece really warm up a home for fall.

Many people decorate with leaves for fall but you can put a new twist on this type of decor this year.  Instead of just your regular orange and brown garland, use a leaf as a stamp and make leaf art.  This will create a cool monochromatic effect but still feel flash.  Or, gather a bunch of branches with fall-colored leaves still attached and put them in a large vase.  You can use really tall branches for this to create a really dramatic piece of decor!

Of course, don't forget to use some fall items when setting your thanksgiving table too!  Napkin holders or place settings with a little nature attached is always a nice touch!

Happy Decorating!