Recent Installs | Another Model Home

December is in full swing and we have been going 90 miles a minute with install after install. This holiday season is always crazy and while we love seeing designs come to completion and clients loving their new home, we are looking forward to the Christmas break just as much as the next guy!

However, there’s still one week left and it’ll be a race to the finish so we’ve got our coffee, vitamin C, and rap music to keep us going!

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with some shots from one of last week’s installs; a model home for Park Square Homes in the Sawgrass Community. This space is full of fun patterns and super cozy for all the crazy rain we’ve been having lately so check it out!


Master Bedroom Styling | Fresh Ideas for Accessorizing Your Bedroom

It's true that everything has been done.  There's really no new ideas anymore.  Anything "new" is probably just an edit of something already existing.  This is ok, though. There's nothing wrong with a good ole fashioned refresh which is basically what we're discussing today in the master bedroom.

It happens to us a lot--we have a master bedroom that we're re-doing and the room is just too big.  There's a king size bed, two over-sized nightstands, some sort of foot-of-the-bed seating, a dresser or console and maybe even a separate reading/seating area....but there's still a ton of space.  What do you do with it?  The bedroom is tricky because there are really only certain things that make sense to go in there.  You're not planning to entertain in that room so you don't need seating for 5 but you do want to be able to lounge and read a book or even snuggle up with your kids and watch a movie.  Well, the same is pretty much true for accessorizing.  You need bedside lighting, light blockage on the windows, and something to soften.  The type of storage you need could vary from person to person but overall, most master bedrooms are styled the same.  However, there are things that could be improved upon...  

Wallpapering the wall or ceiling is not a new concept in the master but a new twist on wallpapering called wraparound wallpaper adds an entirely new dimension.   Wrap around wallpapering wraps the ceiling over the bed, the wall that the bed is against and the opposite wall.  This application creates a little cave or nook like effect for the bed making the whole space feel much more cozy.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 10.02.11 PM.png

Don't get stuck on conventional lighting for a master either.  If you like the look of a reading light mounted to the wall beside the bed but also have table lamps or pendants over the nightstands, combine the two!

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 10.01.57 PM.png

Don't be scared of a heavy drape in your master bedroom.  The bedroom is supposed to be a little more luxurious feeling so you can go with something a little more dressy and full if you'd like.  Take the drapes to the ceiling and make sure they have the ability to cover the window for privacy.  Make sure they're blackout lined too for light blockage.


Consider adding a built-in to your master bedroom.  While built-ins are usually thought of more for Offices and Family Rooms, a built-in can a cool storage piece to your room and make a great focal point on the bed wall.  If it's designed right, the built-in could also incorporate the nightstands so that everything is one unit.


The master bedroom is an important room!  It needs to be comfortable and functional...and not just for you, for your whole family.  But don't get so caught up in convention that it doesn't have a feel that works with your style.  Make it unique!

How To | The Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms are often one of the most neglected rooms in the house!  They are usually the last rooms to get a facelift but are one of the most important rooms to have right.  Your master bedroom should be your retreat!  It should be the place you go to relax, get away from the kids, and have some privacy.  it should be a space where you immediately feel calm as you enter it and should reflect your personal style.  Instead, so many master bedrooms are the catch-all spaces.  They end up being junk collectors and the land of leftover furniture.  While the way the rest of your house looks and functions matters too, the master bedroom should be top priority since it plays a big factor in determining how rested & relaxed you are to tackle life.  So today we're going to walk you through a calm master bedroom and how to create it.  These simple steps may be easy check-offs, or they might serve as glaring reminders of what you need to update in your own master bedroom.

While white is in, it may not be a relaxing color for you.  Some people like white because it's clean but we are big proponents of a moody master bedroom.  Moody doesn't have to mean dark or black either, it can just be a warm grey or even a mature blue mixed in.  Usually earth tones are great choices for a relaxing master bedroom.

The flow of your master bedroom affects the overall harmony of the space as well.  Believe it or not, the way the space functions can seriously affect how relaxing it is. Think about it--if you walk into a space that feels disjointed and cluttered where you're not really sure which direction to go, you immediately feel tense.  However, if the space flows and makes sense with easy traffic patterns and well-placed furniture, you will instantly be at ease entering the space.  The main piece of furniture that this effects is the bed.  Since the bed is typically the focal point of the bedroom, try placing it where it's the first thing you see when you walk in the room.  Obviously, if that doesn't make sense in the room based on windows and doors, don't force it.  But most bedrooms will work best by placing the bed on the wall you first seen upon entering the room.

Since the bedroom is where you sleep, it's important for yours to be set up for the best sleep!  We get that some people really like natural light but that doesn't mean you need it all the time.  We highly recommend room-darkening drapery in a master bedroom.  Drapes can always be opened to let light in, but if your window treatments are too thin and don't provide the option of blocking out light completely, you may be frustrated during those rare naps or even infrequent mornings where you are able to sleep past sunrise.  Having blackout as an option is key!

Lights and ceiling fans are also key features in a master bedroom.  If you absolutely need a ceiling fan, be sure to get one that won't keep you awake from it's racket.  A quiet ceiling fan is a must!  Additionally, lighting matters in a master bedroom as well.  Overhead light is fine...not always necessary, but it works.  However, lamp lighting is a big deal!  Be sure to get lamps that give off enough light without blinding you and any light in a bedroom that is on a dimmer is always best!

Finally, don't allow your master bedroom to become a catch-all.  Clean and minimal is best where you're talking master bedrooms.  A cluttered room equals a cluttered mind and that is not conducive to sleep!

If you haven't taken anything from this post, let us remind you that rest matters!  And where you rest determines how well you rest!  So don't let your master bedroom fall to the back burner.  It's comfort factor affects more than you.