Sunday Funday| Design Trends You'll Love

Happy Mother's Day, ya'll!  We love our moms and are so grateful for everything they do for us and for our kids.  Mommin' ain't easy!  So, if you're a mom, kuddos to you!  We hope this day was sweet and relaxing for you!

Today's post is a fun one--it's all about the fun design trends happening right now!  We wanted to give you something that would be an easy ready for this mother's day, incase you're spending some much-needed "me time" reading up on your favorite hobby--interior decorating!

The first design trend we want to highlight is in art.  There have been so many abstracts lately that walls are screaming for something a little more unique and interesting.  So many designers and homeowner have turned to words as art.  Typography is still a versatile art form because you can have different fonts and colors.  There's also no limit to the number and kind of backgrounds you can have.  But the words are always the focal point.  You can have typography all over your home without it feeling overdone, as well.  Typography can be a lot of words on one piece of art or just one.  It can be really big text and very little background or vice versa.  It's also personal.  The words of a poem or song, your favorite quote, or even just one word can be the tie to a great memory you don't want to forget.  Words have their own place of significance in this life and it makes complete sense to get creative with them.

The next trend we're highlighting today is the use of metal finishes.  Design trends have been all over when it comes to metal.  From everything being matchy-matchy to "we only use stainless" to "we only use chrome" to "gold is where it's at" to "a little of everything" and now we're on to a little of everything in a polished finish AND a matte finish. Polished metals have their place but now matte metals have their place as well.  Bringing a polished metal into certain spaces can make it feel a little more dressy and even formal so designers are using a matte finish because it gives depth with another layer but doesn't take a step in the wrong directions as far as formality goes.  The funny thing is, matte metals almost look MORE expensive than shinny metals.

The final design trend that we are completely in love with is this modern tropical vibe.  It's like Florida and California had a baby that was cooler than both of them.  Most of the time, this trend is characterized by large palm leaves and kelly green but there are definitely fun variations that you'll want to check out.  A little mix of rattan and gold goes perfectly with this vibe too!  Earthy and modern--two things we love!

These are some of our favorite design trends right now but we'd love to hear what you're into right now?  These are just some of our favorite ones!