Trends | The Big Trend That's Making a Comeback

For a long time, gallery walls have been big.  They've been done every way imaginable in every room of the house possible.  The cool thing about a gallery wall is that it's personal.  It's filled with family photos or your children's artwork...maybe even some of your personal art.  So it will make sense anywhere because you're connected to it emotionally.  Now, we're not saying these walls are dead but we are saying there's something that may be taking the lead in wall design...

Accent walls used to be, very simply, a different paint color.  They were the early trend of color-blocking.  After that died out in the 90's, pretty much any designer who was forward-thinking avoided accent walls like the plague because it immediately dated a space.  However, accent walls have continued to evolve, despite every designer trying to ignore them.  And now, they're making a comeback because they're considered a style statement and are created with much more than just paint.

Now, an accent or statement wall can be created with wallpaper instead of paint.  This application seems to have more of a flow in a space because you can selected a paint color that coordinates with the wallpaper rather than something that completely fights it.  The great thing about statement walls is that they also serve as art pieces.  One reason that accent walls have evolved is because art has evolved.  What is considered art now is much less complex and rigid than what used to be considered art.  People find beauty in so many different things that art has really become an expression.

Accent walls can also be created with tile.  Sometimes it's the pattern on the tile but oftentimes it's the way the tile has been applied.  Tile shape and direction has so many different possibilities with mixing that you have an incredible number of ways to make a wall pop.

One of the more recent developments in accent walls is the green wall.  We love bringing greenery inside for so many different reasons, but the depth and natural beauty a green wall adds to a space is 100% winning.  In our minds, a green wall brings the entire room to life as well as the people who live in it!

Finally, mirrors are a great way to make a focal wall.  When a wall is covered with mirrors, we typically call it an installation but it is an accent wall, undoubtedly.  We always use mirrors with frames so that the outline of the mirrors creates a shape on the wall adding what looks a lot like an architectural detail.  Sometimes this is a number of square mirrors, other times this is round mirrors or mirrors that are different shapes and sizes.  However you lay it out, it will make your space look much larger and will also make it feel much more dressy!

We love accent walls!   We like that they give us opportunities to create art in different ways and introduce things like wallpaper without overwhelming a space.  There's a good reason they're still around!


Interior Updates | Make Your Money Go Farther

If you spend your money right, you can accomplish an expensive look by changing just one key thing.  Instead of a full-blown remodel, get smarter with your spending and pick something to change that will make a big impact and look like it carries a big price without breaking the bank!

This can work even more in your favor, if you have a small space.  Many people feel like small spaces translate into a less-expensive look....they are under the impression that bigger equals better, but it's not always the case!  Quality over quantity is what we say!  If you have a small room that you're wanting to update to make look like it's expensive, you'll be paying less for the material that goes into it so you can afford to select a more expensive finish!

Here are a few areas where  you can create a big bang for less bucks!

Tile.  There are all sorts of tile out there--wall & floor tile, mosaic, subway, floor tile, ceramic, glass, metal, natural stone.  The list could go on and on!  Since tile can be applied in a variety of areas, you can use it to your advantage and make it work with your budget.  Got a small bathroom that you're trying to update?!  Pick a wall that's visible and apply a great tile to it!  This could be the shower wall, if your shower walls are visible from outside of the shower or it could be a backsplash.  It could even be the floor!  Flooring says a lot about a space so a beautiful floor tile could easily transform the room into a high-end expensive-feeling oasis.  You won't need a ton of it if you've got a small bathroom, so it shouldn't break the bank, and it'll definitely change the feel!

Streamlining your backsplash.  The backsplash in a bathroom or kitchen is often the "extra" that people cut corners on.  Look at the backsplash as a way to make a statement.  Maybe scale back a little on the other stuff so you've got a little left to do the backsplash.  The backsplash is the place to go larger, even though it's not a large area.  A lot of people want to get really detailed in the backsplash with swirly designs and colors but this really isn't necessary.  Instead, keep the grout to a minimum.  If you can do one solid piece of material as the backsplash, even better!  It will create a sleek, classy look!  You may pay a little more for the material but less in labor!

Art.  So many people try to fill their walls like lots and lots of little things--shelves and hooks and picture frames.  Go with one big piece of art.  In the end, you'll probably spend the same amount of money as you would on a bunch of smaller pieces but the art will make a much bigger impact than any grouping of smaller pieces ever could!

Mirrors & Light Done Right.  Bring a little glisten and sparkle to your home with some larger mirrors.  Not only do they reflect natural light coming in through windows but they create the illusion of a larger space--now that's money well-spent!  Beyond that, they add a little sparkle to a room and can immediately brighten it up.

Lighting.  One, big, awesome chandelier does a home good.  Seriously, friends.  Get a cool light.  Lighting is like art--it's a statement piece that can be a little different and makes a HUGE impact on a room!  You may have to look carefully for a piece that fits your budget and meets the size requirements for the space it's going in, but it's worth the search!  Great lighting is the quickest way to make a room look expensive!