This or That | Glass Backsplash Vs. Natural Stone

In my years doing design, I've found that a lot of homeowners have a very strong opinion about what kind of backsplash they like.  Most either like the glass backsplash OR natural stone.  There are very few who like both and could appreciate either one.  This may be because people have a certain style that they really like and feel like one or the other goes best with their style of choice, but there are pros and cons to both so today we're going to discuss what they are.

While we appreciate the functionality of a glass backsplash, it can be a little limiting by nature.  Glass backsplashes are absolutely easier to clean and come in almost every color of the rainbow.  Pretty much any tile place you go to is going to have glass backsplashes in any shape, size, and color you could even imagine...however, for this reason, they're sometimes overused and often times still (despite the color variety) don't feel unique or special.  We feel that it's also hard to mix a glass backsplash with a countertop that offers a lot of movement because they can feel busy.  They do give off a little bit of a glammy feel, though, because they're much more polished and glossy, so they can appear high end and oftentimes work wel in a modern kitchen but be sure to pair them with a countertop and cabinet style that has less movement because they tend to steal the show!

Natural stone backsplashes are an entirely different animal.  They seam to blend well with a larger variety of countertop material and cabinet styles but the functionality and durability isn't necessarily always there.  While natural stone is beautiful and classic, it's also very absorbent.  This factor alone makes it risky as a backsplash--red sauce stains, grease, wine splatter...if it's not cleaned quickly, all of these things can make for one messy looking backsplash.  It's not always as expensive as the glass backsplash which is nice if you ever need to replace it, and the natural movement and color variation provides an extremely unique look for your kitchen but you must remember that it's not going to last forever!

Overall, it's important to remember that every material has pros and cons.  So go to your instincts.  Decide what style fits best in your space and go from there.  We like both applications in the right kitchen but usually like them to be isolated---meaning...if we're using a glass backsplash, we use all glass tile!  And if we're using a stone backsplash, it's all stone!  We really don't recommend mixing the two.

We hope this helps you when you come to the kitchen backsplash part of your next kitchen remodel---that's usually the hardest part!