Porches | What's Popular

It's Spring and, I don't know about everwhere else but, the weather is beautiful here!  It was pretty hot a few days ago but it's been breezy and cool this past weekend and couldn't feel any more like the perfect Spring weather!  Needless to say, we were outside a lot, which got us thinking about porches.  Porches, especially in Florida, are a big deal.  States where you can be outdoors for a number of days out of the year make porches a big deal.  So today we're talking porch design and what features are popular to have on your porch.  It's funny because porches have really become an extension of the home.  Similar to the way the kitchen is treated--a functional space that's more of a gathering place now, porches are like outdoor living rooms!  So here are some things to consider adding in your next porch renovation

Comfy seating is a huge deal on a porch.  Unless you don't want to be able to enjoy your porch, I guess.  For some people, this means upholstered furniture that almost looks like it belongs indoors, for others it means things like hammocks or swings--something to relax in while enjoying the view.  Whatever your seating of choice is, make it something that you don't mind spending awhile in.  A porch is for enjoying the view or relaxing with a friend so you don't want to have to cut your time short because of uncomfortable chairs.

Porches are also getting much more decorative.  Ceiling details and column additions are popular now.  These are things that need to make sense with the rest of your house so that the overall look of everything flows.  A wood-slat ceiling and a great light or nice outdoor fan can make an outdoor space instantly feel welcoming and you'll feel like you're enjoying an extension of your home rather than just "sitting outside".

An outdoor fireplace really makes a big statements on a porch.  It can be a big built-in fireplace with a chimney or something a little more scaled down like a firepit or chiminea.  Either way, the added ambiance a fire creates is almost priceless and will be especially nice on those chilly nights!