Outdoor Spaces | Spruce-up for Summer

Summer is just around the corner which means that summer vacation will be in full-swing in just a few short weeks.  A lot of people really look forward to this time with family.  The kids don't have hours of homework to do in the evening and the days are much more relaxed so everyone is just generally in a better mood. This usually means more BBQ's, afternoon swims, dinners on the back porch, and time outside!  So, in order to get you ready for all this outdoor living, we're talking about how to update your outdoor space in the right ways that will make it all more enjoyable for everyone!

If you don't have a pool or if you just like layers of ambient noise, try incorporating a water feature of some sort into your outdoor area.  The sound of running water is so relaxing and makes the perfect background music for an afternoon hanging out by the pool or dinner under the stars.  It's also just pretty  and will be a great decorative addition to your outdoor space.


Make your outdoor area feel more like an indoor area by installing outdoor drapery.  The thing about outdoor drapery is that it's not really meant to create privacy or completely block the light.  It's really meant more to soften an outdoor space and make it feel more comfortable.  For this reason, outdoor drapery are usually stationary and are mounted to the side of a column or corner of a wall to soften the edge.


Hanging some sort of market lights or cafe lights is something super inexpensive that can make a giant impact!  String lights immediately make a space feel super cozy and elevate the overall feel.  String lights can be permanently wired to a switch or even just plugged in.  They're inexpensive, easy to install, and highly impactful!


Incorporate greenery!  An outdoor space without potted plants or hanging plants will immediately feel sterile.  If you don't have a green thumb or are concerned about care, get something hearty that requires very little attention.  This will add a homey feeling to your outdoor living space without causing you too much additional work!