Before and After | You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Since early 2018, we’ve been working with a couple to help renovate their home. They had an idea of what they wanted done but weren’t 100% sure if it was possible. After meeting with the client and working through logistics, we worked tirelessly with different contractors to design and orchestrate a complete transformation. Full disclosure, things did not always go according to plan. As with many construction projects, there were a number of unforeseeable hiccups we faced throughout the process. However, the end result was worth it! The clients have a beautiful new family room, kitchen, dining room, and home office and are still not used to all of the wide-open space AND extra storage. Check out the before and after pictures below!


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Recent Happenings | TMID on TV!

Here we go again!  Thanks to Fox 35's Good Day Xtra, we were featured once again!  This time for a kitchen make-over.  We were able to show viewers how to completely transform a kitchen with some cosmetic changes that make a giant impact rather than a full gut and remodel.

Our owner, Christina Kairis, talked about swapping out cabinet doors instead of replacing the entire cabinet box and even featured a backsplash tile that was only $.15/piece!  Your jaw will drop when she shares total cost of materials for the backsplash!

We love being able to showcase these amazing transformations on a budget because we understand that there's always a budget.  But you can absolutely have a beautiful home without breaking the bank.  

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 5.37.45 PM.png


Watch the full segment here:

Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page for a full list of vendors who contributed to this fantastic kitchen makeover!

The Truth About | Home Renovations

One thing that goes hand-in-hand with interior design is the work renovation.  We have clients call us all the time for remodel design...typically in their kitchen or bathroom.  We walk into so many homes and see dated finishes, poorly configured workspaces, and unhappy clients who just want it to be right.  The hard part is...that's just the beginning. Many people live in their homes for a very long time before they decide to remodel so they're already frustrated and they want to see instant results.  And if there's one thing we CAN promise you when it comes to home renovations...there are never instant result.  It is always a process.  A long, tedious process.  The end is always worth it.  But sometimes, it's hard to remember that while they're living in construction.  We found this article on Houzz and wanted to share it with you because everything in it is so true.  Renovations are hard.  Really hard.  If you're ready for it, great!  You'll be happy in the end, but there are some things you need to be prepared for BEFORE you get started.

Get ready to live outside of your "norm" for a while.  Renovations...or any kind of home construction will leave you with unusable areas of your own home.  This will disrupt life for you as you know it.  Some people can roll with the punches and go with the flow while others need their routines to function.  So it's important to ask yourself what kind of person are you and how will you deal.  Think of what you need to do to function if your garage is occupied for months or if you can't plug your coffee maker in for a few weeks.  You may think, oh, I won't care!  That's no big deal... But trust us.  It wears on you after a while and the more prepared you are for it, the happier you'll be in the end.

Say goodbye to that clean house loved so much.  Construction = dust.  Construction = contractors = dirt.  Many reputable contractors try to be as clean as possible while they're in your home but some dirt is just unavoidable.  Not to mention that disturbing things causes dust to rise....  and the worst takes much longer to settle than it does to spread.  So be prepared for dirt for a while.  Even a few months after construction ends, be prepared for it.

Throw that timeline out the window.  Many clients ask us how long we estimate that work will take once construction has begun.  Full disclosure.  We have NO idea.  We can guess...or tell you how long it SHOULD take, but that doesn't always translate into reality.  There are so many variables with construction including vendors, shipping, product, contractors, your schedule, other jobs that people may be's a lot of give and take and there are often delays.  This can be hard and we get it, but it's pretty much uncontrollable.  Tell yourself, you've got all the time in the world once demo begins and then be pleasantly surprised when it doesn't take that long. :)

Overall, living through home renovations is a complete emotional rollercoaster.  You will be out of your comfort zone and you will wonder if you ever should've done this to yourself.  The answer is yes.  The product is always worth the pain and we're sure you'll love your new home once everything is done!

How To | Get Your Tile Right

Tile can be tricky...with a capital T!  For larger bathrooms where you don't want to have the same tile throughout but have a lot of area to cover and aren't sure how to mix and match, this design dilemma can be daunting.  Tile is great and can make a huge difference in any space, so once you're comfortable with putting it together, you open up your home to so many new and interesting design possibilities.

As with any space, the goal you want to achieve with your final visual is balance.  This applies to anything applied to the wall or floor too.  You never want a room to feel too heavy on one side, top, or bottom---everything should flow.  This feeling is what evokes satisfaction when entering a space.  When selecting tile and deciding where to apply it, you want to achieve balance.  If you have a wall tile that will be in the same room as floor tile, make sure the scale varies.  Too much of a small tile will look all very busy, especially if it's concentrated in one space.  And too much of a large tile can feel heavy, if it's applied to the wall.  So mix it up!  Small tiles on the wall with larger ones on the floor will provide your space with the applications it needs to finish it off but won't overwhelm the room.

Now that we've got size figured out, lets discuss pattern.  Pattern is ok, but don't go overboard.  Remember, tile is a commitment---you're probably not going to be replacing it every year so you want to make sure there's an element of timelessness that will make it transition well as the rest of the decor changes.  So, if you're incorporating pattern in one area, try balancing it with a solid in another area--ie, wall & floor.  Usually the floor is the best place for something solid, but it's not necessarily a rule.  A large scale, bold pattern on the floor coupled with a smaller, solid pattern on the wall is still visually unique and balanced.

When it comes to stone, you have a little more flexibility.  Tiles that are patterned or printed...or anything with glaze need to be treated as a pattern, but natural stone can be viewed as a neutral.  It may have it's own natural pattern in it, but because of the organic feel of this type of application, you don't have to limit yourself so much.  Try messing with the scale of pattern when incorporating natural stone---you may have a tile with a naturally small scale pattern whereas, it's coupled with another stone application in the same room that's much larger in scale.  Normally large scale pattern in natural stone is much more fluid which we love!

Don't forget about tile finishes as well.  Adding variety in something like this can not only help keep a space balanced but also add a unique high-end look.  Matte finish is all the rage now--we've moved away from the "everything has to look shinny and glossy" era and moved into a more organic feeling trend.  The flat or matte finish tile goes perfectly with this so don't forget about that option.

Finally--don't go too crazy with color.  This sort of goes hand-in-hand with the pattern statement as well.  You want your tile to last a little while so don't go too color trendy when you're selecting something.  Be sure to have an element of neutrality that allows your space to stay transitional.

Gotta Have It | Kitchen Features to Add to Your Next Renovation List

Even though you may not be about to start a giant renovation, you may have one in the future so it never hurts to know exactly what you want.  Since the kitchen is a work space, there are always little things that can be done make it more functional and practical.  Some of these things may not be for you, but others may be things you never considered but would really love!  Remember, efficiency doesn't always translate into size.  Sometimes it's just well thought out and place features.

Sinks can be a very controversial topic when it comes to kitchens.  We're big fans of a deep single bowl sink, however, that in conjunction with a prep sink is spot on!  Prep sinks can be great for islands since that's a big open space when you would actually prep food.  They're also nice for entertaining!  If you've never had one of these little sinks, you don't know what you're missing.  However, once you get one, you'll never go back!

If you're big into hosting dinners, a warming drawer is something you'll definitely want to include on your "gotta have it" list for your next kitchen renovation.  This handy-dandy piece of equipment not only functions to keep food warm (duh!) if you've got a lot of items that need to go in and out of the oven and they need a place to stay in the interim, but it can also warm a plate of food that just needs a little zap.  Instead of going in the microwave where food can easily get overheated, a warmer functions similar to the heat lamp at restaurants and can make a plate of food just the right temperate.

If you don't have a ton of counter space, don't forget about the appliance garage!  This little addition is great for kitchens with minimal counter space because it hides the must have appliances while keeping them accessible.  They can vary in size depending the amount of appliances you're trying to conceal so they're a great thing to add when renovating because they're completely customizable.  Be sure to include an outlet in the back of your appliance garage so you can just roll the appliance out, use it, and tuck it back away!

Be sure to consider the environment when you are selecting your wish list of kitchen renovations.  Hot & cold water dispensers will waste less water since you won't have to wait for it to change temperature and a recycling center is always a good practice since it makes recycling more convenient!

Adding extra outlets will make your life a lot easier and under cabinet lighting will give your kitchen some additional depth.  But our very favorite "gotta have it" is built in speakers!  Make your kitchen a place you'll enjoy being with music playing to keep the mood fun! 

Kitchens are the heart of the home--there's a lot of time spent there preparing food, eating food, entertaining guests, and making memories.  Make sure your kitchen is a place you and others will want to spend time since it's inevitable anyway!