Cheers! | Solutions for a Happier Home in the New Year

With a new year always comes new resolutions--i'm going to start working out, i'm going to read a book a week, I'm going to stop drinking soda, coffee...smoking.  You get it.  Everyone has a clean start and everyone wants to make improvements to themselves.  Well maybe you aren't so unhappy with yourself as you are with your home.  Did you buy right before the economy crashed?  Do you feel stuck in a home that you don't love and you're paying way too much for?  We get it.  It can be a tough place and a new year isn't always the solution.  However, there are steps that you can take to make you happier where you are, in the home that you're in.  Today we're going to discuss those things--try to figure out the problems and offer some solutions so that 2016 can be a year were you are (at least) content with where you are.

Before going around and determining all of the things that you hate about your home--it's too small, there's not enough natural light, it faces the wrong direction, the floors are bad....etc, etc.  Take a minute to determine something things that you do like about your home.  Things that may be easily overlooked with all the distaste you have for it, but that are still there.

I'm sure a number of you would complain that your home is too small.  I mean, we're Americans...we like everything fast and big so small things seem to be lacking.  But remember, the bigger the house, the more space there is to fill.  The more furniture you have to buy, the more area there is to clean.  The nice thing about a smaller home is that it provides you with very distinct boundaries when decorating.  You can't be overwhelmed with options because there are probably only one or two ways to do things.

Make a list of the things that really bug you about your home and prioritize them.  Depending on your finances, you can either list them in price order with the least expensive item being at the top or you can list them in importance order with the thing that will make the most impact (or the thing you hate the most) being at the top.  Either way, give yourself a starting point for fixing it.  Do you hate the wall color?  Paint is cheap and easy!  Have you been wanting to get new window treatments?  What is it and how can you take steps to correct it?  We know that some things might not be fixable--for example, if your home faces west, there's not much you can do about that but you can tint your windows and get blackout drapes to help when the sun is glaring in!

If you don't own your home, don't let being a renter stop you from making where you live a place where you're comfortable.  As designers, we see the value of a home you love and would absolutely agree that the money is worth it if it means you'll love where you live.  Just be smart about how you make your home reflect you.  Lighting and window treatments and rugs are all things that can go with you.  Maybe don't put a ton of money into the landscaping or floors but a coat of paint really isn't that much and can change the entire feel of a space!

Don't be afraid to make your home a place that you feel reflects YOU.  There ARE certain design rules you should follow but don't be afraid to get creative.  Be sure to bring in some happiness to your home as well.  Little things like fresh flowers from the market, a basket of your favorite bread or even that yummy candle you've been smelling at the boutique downtown are all ways to brighten your home and make it something you love to be in!

Don't let 2016 be another year of hating where you're at.  Love where you live and everyone else will too!