Rugs | Why We Love Them

One of the hardest things for clients to stomach is an expensive rug.  In a lot of people's minds, rugs are just something you walk on and if they're literally going to be under your feet, why would you put a lot of money into something that's just going to get walked on.  Here's the thing with rugs--they're so much more than just something to walk on.  Rugs are MAJOR players in your room game.  Even if they're not the obvious MVP in a room, they're the real MVP because they pretty much make every other major piece of furniture work.  Here's how....

Visually, rugs fill up a lot of space.  Yes, they don't completely fill a room all by themselves, but they do make a space feel pulled together and finished.  That sofa and chairs is basically just floating their if it doesn't have a rug to ground it.  A rug basically defines the space.  Even if the furniture IS the space, it doesn't look like the space is complete unless there's a rug to group everything together.

Rugs are one of your main color providers.  Way too many people think that the walls should have all of the color.  False!  Walls are really just the background.  Walls should't be the focal point, they should be something to build off of.  A rug, however, can have a lot of color and pattern without making the room feel smaller (like colorful walls tend to do).  A rug can be all of the pattern in the space and be all the pattern one rooms needs.  If you feel safer purchasing neutral furniture, don't be afraid to get a rug with pattern, it'll bring those beige sofas to life!

Aside from defining spaces and adding pattern, rugs can actually make rooms feel bigger if they are the right size and are laid the right way.  On the other hand, one way to instantly make a room feel smaller is by purchasing a rug that's too small for the space.  A larger rug accentuates the open space and draws the eye out from the center.   We understand that the price of rugs jump with the sizes, however, you're basically wasting your money by purchasing a rug that only fits under the coffee table--you can't walk on it or put your feet on it so it's not functional.  It may add a little color but it's making your space feel smaller so it's probably doing the opposite of what you want it to.  Buying the right size rug will be worth it!

Finally, rugs help with acoustics.  Ever walked into a big empty space and heard the echo?  A rug will help eliminate that.  Because rugs add a thick padding to the floor, they help absorb any extra echo.  The more padding, the better the sound absorption. :)   

Bottom line is that rugs are important!  Even if you can't afford a big thick rug, at least try to get the big thin rug.  The visual finishing an appropriately sized rug accomplishes is worth the money!

High Point Market 2014 | Re-Cap

We just got back from a fabulous five days at market and are so pumped about all of the great new lines we found as well as the opportunity to see so many of our existing vendors!  The new products are amazing and we can't wait to spec them!  We noticed that orange seemed to be the trending color this year at market, so we're anticipating that it's going to be the hot color for 2015!  Since many of you probably didn't have the opportunity to check out all the latest styles at Fall market, we wanted to do a re-cap of some of our favorites!

Of course we stopped by one of our favorite vendors--Bernhardt!  Their set-up took up the entire 5th floor of Showplace and was fantastic!  They went a little "mens-wear" this year for the majority of their display...very bachelor-pad-ish and tailored with dark colors and warm fabrics.  The gold was also a big hit in a number of their pieces:

Bernhardt Furniture

We also spent a lot of time at Surya!  They had some great market specials so we did a ton of shopping for clients!  Candice Olson made an appearance and hosted a seminar the first day which we thoroughly enjoyed--she really understands the designer-life and we learned a lot from the tips and tricks she had to offer!

Surya with Candice Olson

Sunpan had a great spread this year too!  They had a much larger display than last year and were really able to showcase some of their great pieces!  They are very tailored too but have a hit of rustic with a twist of mid-century modern (which is definitely on trend for 2015!).


Of course we stopped at one of our favorite lighting companies, Currey, to see their hot new fixtures! Mr. Currey, himself was there along with his dog, Reeves!

Currey and Company lighting

We also hit-up some new vendors--John Richard was another fantastic vendor--great lighting, fabulous furniture, and reasonable prices!  A little more glam than some of the other stops on our list, but we like variety!

John Richard

We were also loving all of the fantastic styling at Wesley Hall and CR Laine.  Aside from finding great vendors and pieces at market, it's always fun to see how the showrooms are designed!

Wesley Hall

This small re-cap doesn't even begin to touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the vendors at High Point Market!  It's basically like a city!  A few other vendors we don't want to forget were Taylor King, Randall Alan, Fauld, Norwalk,Curations, Safavieh, Harden, and Feizy.  Again, there were so many other great ones, but these are just this just highlights a few of our favorites!