Designer Tips & Tricks | Uping Your Home's Value

Everyone is concerned about re-sale value when it comes to their homes...and the investment they're making.  Home prices and going up, people are making more money, they're not planning to stay anywhere for very long and see opportunities for better investments.  So any type of update discussion is usually followed with an "added value?" discussion.  So today we're going to tell you where to put your money in your home.  We'll discuss what things will add value and why. So next time you're thinking of doing something to your house, you can refer to this list and see if the update you were considering makes it. :)

We're just going to start with, Bathrooms and Kitchens sell homes.  That's like page one of "resale for dummies".  But we can't stress enough how true this is.  You may not have the newest furniture in your family room or bedroom and that neutral on the wall may be from 2014, but for goodness sake, give your kitchens and bathrooms a little extra love if you're trying to sell.  And if you're considering what room to update, do one of these!  Both kitchen and bathroom updates are a huge inconvenience but they'll be worth it in the long run if you're looking to sell in the future.  Our tip--go classic.  A white kitchen is always going to work and the light and bright bathroom is always going to sell so think about that when you're making finish selections.

Beyond those two big rooms, closets are extremely important when it comes to resale.  Now, we're going to be honest, a closet is important for function more than it is for looks.  Obviously, we're not saying it should be cheap and ugly but hold a lot of stuff, but we're also not saying it has to be the most expensive closet system on the market.  A well functioning closet can easily be achieved by using IKEA closets or even the Martha Stewart closet systems available at home depot.  Something like this is especially nice for the secondary rooms.  For the master, we'd recommend stepping it up a notch but we're ok if the rest of the closets are second tier.  Whatever you do, though, be sure the closet appears open and functional where all items are easily accessible.

Now, if you're thinking of resale without any re-design in mind, here are a few tips for refreshing your home that will also help with resale.

Paint! Paint! Paint!  

Oh yeah, did we mention paint?  Now, if you've already got a good neutral on the walls, this might not be necessary, however, we're guessing you still probably need a little touch up.  So make sure the walls look fresh...and make sure the baseboards look fresher!  If you're going to do anything, paint the baseboards and trim.  Trust us when we say it'll make a world of difference!

Declutter and rearrange.  The goal for selling a home is to make the space look bigger.  People need to be able to envision their furniture in the space and it's hard to do with a bunch of your stuff cluttering up their view.  So pair down a little and leave a little more open space than you're used to.

We hope this helps!  The housing market is changing drastically so good luck if you're looking to sell!

Interior Appeal | Easy Ways to Stylize Your Home Space

It's been said that design is in the details--and while we are all about large scale items that create focal points and big impact changes, this is very true.  The details are a big part of design and oftentimes the part that people don't realize take a lot of time and make a big difference.  It's the slight color variations that you don't see until you compare fabrics and the type of lighting that affects the mood of a space.  These little details contribute to how someone feels when they walk into a space. They give a room flow or can make it feel disjointed.  Today we're discussing a few of these little details.  They may be things you haven't thought about before, but you will after reading today's post!

Light is important in a space and comes in all forms in rooms--lamps, windows, and reflections.  One way to bring in light is by using mirrors.  Instead of selecting art or a heavy wall hanging, mount a mirror for more light!   You don't need to do anything giant and you'll want to be careful about which area of the house you hang it--not everybody likes to see themselves from all angles, but a well-placed mirror with a decorative frames adds some nice detail and catches the light.  It's a multi-functional detail that can make a big impact!

Aside from reflective light, varied artificial light is also important in a home.  Lamps are always the obvious use of artificial light but lighting can be brought in other ways too since different accessories are sometimes electrified.  When selecting ways to bring in artificial light, consider the glow it's going to give.  Something fluorescent can be harsh and irritating, but a nice soft glow is inviting.  Darker lamp shades are a lot more moody than white ones and are usually more appropriate for bedrooms rather than common areas.  These are all just little things to consider!

Nature.  Bringing in nature is vital to a warm space.  And we've got a secret--the plants don't have to be real!  If you can find a good looking fake plant, more power to ya!  By using that, you'll get the impact of greenery without the hassle of being required to care for it.  You don't have to go overboard, either.  A simple potted plant in a window or some fresh flowers as the centerpiece.  It just contributes to the flow of the room.

First impressions.  For many people, there is a separation between the outside of their home and the inside but these two spaces meet at the front door.  For this reasons, it's important not to neglect your front door.  It's the first impressions people will have of your home--the entryway.  A nice wreath on the door or some plants (low maintenance, of course!).  Even a doormat!  Just something that says, welcome!  I'm glad you're here!

Scents and smells.  Nobody likes to walk into a stinky house.  Something that's beautifully decorated but smells bad is very unfortunate.  In a way, you want your home to be appealing to all of the five senses.  You don't have to ridiculous about it, so if you have an aversion to heavy perfumes or have allergy issues, go with something clean.  Change your scents out for the seasons too.  It's always inviting to walk into a house full of cinnamon and pumpkin during Fall, but for spring Lemon or Lavender is better.  A good smell immediately appeals to guests and will instantly increase the overall perception of your home.