Trends | The Big Trend That's Making a Comeback

For a long time, gallery walls have been big.  They've been done every way imaginable in every room of the house possible.  The cool thing about a gallery wall is that it's personal.  It's filled with family photos or your children's artwork...maybe even some of your personal art.  So it will make sense anywhere because you're connected to it emotionally.  Now, we're not saying these walls are dead but we are saying there's something that may be taking the lead in wall design...

Accent walls used to be, very simply, a different paint color.  They were the early trend of color-blocking.  After that died out in the 90's, pretty much any designer who was forward-thinking avoided accent walls like the plague because it immediately dated a space.  However, accent walls have continued to evolve, despite every designer trying to ignore them.  And now, they're making a comeback because they're considered a style statement and are created with much more than just paint.

Now, an accent or statement wall can be created with wallpaper instead of paint.  This application seems to have more of a flow in a space because you can selected a paint color that coordinates with the wallpaper rather than something that completely fights it.  The great thing about statement walls is that they also serve as art pieces.  One reason that accent walls have evolved is because art has evolved.  What is considered art now is much less complex and rigid than what used to be considered art.  People find beauty in so many different things that art has really become an expression.

Accent walls can also be created with tile.  Sometimes it's the pattern on the tile but oftentimes it's the way the tile has been applied.  Tile shape and direction has so many different possibilities with mixing that you have an incredible number of ways to make a wall pop.

One of the more recent developments in accent walls is the green wall.  We love bringing greenery inside for so many different reasons, but the depth and natural beauty a green wall adds to a space is 100% winning.  In our minds, a green wall brings the entire room to life as well as the people who live in it!

Finally, mirrors are a great way to make a focal wall.  When a wall is covered with mirrors, we typically call it an installation but it is an accent wall, undoubtedly.  We always use mirrors with frames so that the outline of the mirrors creates a shape on the wall adding what looks a lot like an architectural detail.  Sometimes this is a number of square mirrors, other times this is round mirrors or mirrors that are different shapes and sizes.  However you lay it out, it will make your space look much larger and will also make it feel much more dressy!

We love accent walls!   We like that they give us opportunities to create art in different ways and introduce things like wallpaper without overwhelming a space.  There's a good reason they're still around!


Paint | Projected Changes for 2017

As we all know, paint makes a huge impact on a space.  And recently the popular wall color has been white.  Clean and bright and open, it's the minimalist color of 2016.  However, after white, there are other colors that were pretty popular--varying shades of green, blue, purple, red (there's a popular version every year).  But in a recent article by mydomaine, we could be seeing less and less of these paint colors in 2017.  The good news is, there are replacements!  The bad news is, you may want to repaint after this article.

We kicked off 2016 with Pantones big colors which were Rose Quartz and Serenity.  It's funny because, when these colors were announced, we were like, what?!  Pastels?!  No.  That's can't be right.  But we admit, we've had a change of heart.  The nice thing about pastels in 2016 is that they're paired with bold geometric patterns or large scale florals and all of the sudden it feels current and updated rather than jumping back into the 90s.

That being said, some of the colors that are going out, are the same ones that just came in.  However, it doesn't mean pastels and soft hues are gone for good.  The new colors replacing them are just as subtle.

The information shared by mydomaine was based on research from companies like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Behr--companies that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on man power to research paint color trends from across the country.  Needless to say, this information is pretty reliable so feel special that you're ahead of the game for 2017 paint color trends!

The first color we're saying goodbye to is Lilac.  This was one we'd grown to love in 2016 so we are sad to see it go.  It's replacement is a little cooler and more mature which is nice--ice blue.  Some good versions to keep in your back pocket are Ben Moore's Iceberg and Sherwin-Williams's Icelandic.  It still has the minimal feel of white with just a little more color which might make you fearers of white a little more comfortable. :)

This next color isn't so much pastel...instead it's more 70's but we can dig it.  Again, we're saying goodbye to one of our favorite gender neutral colors in 2017--Mint.  Mint was the hot color for many nurseries in 2015-2016.  I used it for my son's nursery and we even used in a nursery that was featured in a local magazine.  So people definitely love it.  It's upcoming replacement is the much-darker, olive green.  Colors like Ben Moore's Guacamole and Sherwin-Williams's Saguaro are what researchers say will be hot.

While we never really think Navy will go out of style, we understand that it can be bumped down on the popularity list.  Even though white was big in 2016, black and darker hues like navy were also more acceptable than they have been in past years.  It seemed that people were afraid of going extreme in the color selection on their walls.  In 2017, we'll see less of these straight black and blue colors and more muted versions like charcoal.  According to mydomaine, colors like Ben Moore's Night Shade and Sherwin-Williams's Sealskin and good choices for a darker gray.

Finally, it looks like the 2016 color of year will be sticking around in 2017 in a slightly darker version.  Rose Quartz is being replaced with more dusty, grey pinks like SW's Roycroft Rose and BM's Everything's Rosy (which looks delightful!).

So that's it!  You just got your weekly dose of trends for 2017!  Can you believe 2016 is almost over?!  It's been a fast and furious year and there's no doubt 2017 will be big as well.

What's Hot | Trends, Trends, and More Trends

Today we're talking about trends.  Could you gather that from the blog title?!  Lol.  As always, each new year brings trends in everything which means that old things go away and new (or older) things become popular.  There are trends in everything!  Colors, furniture styles, finishes, patterns, all of it!  So lets discuss what some of the new trends are!  Maybe you're already ahead of the game and have incorporated some of these trends into your own home.  Or maybe you have a little catching up to do.  Either way, by the end of this post, you'll be in the know!

For starters, let's go over some things that are out.  I know that some of these things were hard for us to let go of and they'll probably be hard for you to say goodbye to as well, but all good things must come to an end.  The good news is, you'll probably see it again in about 10 years when it becomes popular again!  One of the first things that "out" is rose gold.  I know!  Say it ain't so!  We are sad to see this trend fade away but with a move towards stronger, bolder finishes, the rose gold just doesn't have a place anymore.  This second trend that's out might not be so hard to say goodbye to---faceted pieces.  You know, like the tables that are cut to look like a gemstone.  Yeah, buh-bye!  We won't miss you.  Thirdly, and we know this will be really, REALLY hard...we're saying goodbye to the industrial style.  Geez.  That was harder than we thought.  This style has really held it's own for a good long it's sort of rooted itself in so many aspects of design that we're really sad to see it go.  There's a lot to be said for industrial style but I guess it's sort of worn out it's welcome at this point.  Now this one, ehhh...we get that it's been around and may be overdone, but might disagree with the statement that it's completely out----sisal and jute.  What do you think?  Of course, there are so many other great rug options out there that sisal and jute aren't always necessary, but a well-placed sisal rug can add a lot to a room.  So we're saying, use it sparingly but don't forget about it all together.  Finally, we may be seeing less and less of mid-century modern. :(  We think this one is sort of like the sisal rug.  We'll see less and less of it but mid-century modern has some great staple pieces that we think it'll still sneak in here and there.

Now onto what IS trending!  For starters (and you may already know this because it's ALL over pinterest), black and white geometric floors!  Agh!  We love them so much.  This trend tells us that we're moving away from the neutral canvas where the smaller layers added the pattern.  Instead, people are making a COMMITMENT in their major surfaces like floors and black and white tile is where it's popping!  Once you've got something like that as your floor, you don't need much else to make the room.

Shocker!  Moroccan is making a comeback!  There's been an element of tribal/indian feel running in the undercurrents of design for a little while now, but it's starting to get bigger and bigger in it's impact on the room.

Instead of the soft rose gold, brass (yes, I said your grandmother's house brass) is making a comeback!  This is also coupled with a black finish which makes a space feel super expensive and modern.

One of our favorites--camel or cognac color leathers are popping up which, btw, go great with black metal and moroccan rugs!  But we're not moving all the way back into the traditional rooms where leather was everywhere.  Instead, it's more for the texture and maybe a hint of a more masculine feel.

Overall we're moving towards a more minimalist feel where the design is made by the key pieces that stand out.  We've still got the layers but the color is in the furniture and floors rather than in the art and toss pillows!  This is a sign of the times.  The economy is turning and people are willing to commit with their money.  Not a bad place to be!