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Senior Lead Designer


Jenna Roebke - Senior Lead Designer

Jenna Roebke’s love for interior design began with a deep appreciation not only for beauty, but for the process of creating beauty. It brings her great joy to be a part of the evolution and development of a space into the perfect balance of style and personality. Born with natural creativity, she brings a unique perspective to each project.

Like most individuals in Interior Design, Jenna has been able to use her creative skills in a variety of areas that have impacted her professional development. Her comprehensive educational background including a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Business and an Associate of Science degree in Interior Design have proved invaluable, allowing her to innovatively create, develop, and communicate design concepts and ideas.

One of the greatest challenges for a designer is accurately portraying a completed design to the client. Jenna excels in this due to her skills in using color and computer drafting technology along with her understanding of form and function to create spaces.

Jenna features her crafty side and interest in style and trends in her blog, Everyday Clever. She finds inspiration in everything from fine art to food to furnishings and relates it to her focus on design. She is also obsessed with Pinterest.

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